In today’s scenario the world is changing rapidly. Many international companies are expanding their businesses beyond their origin countries and enter into global market. So the main challenge for companies to reach the customer who doesn’t know English or want to communicate in their native language. Due to this in the last one decade the need of translation has increased many folds.

A study from Common Sense Advisory found that 75% of customers “prefer to buy products in their native language”
And a study from Indian market research company JuxtConsult found that “almost three-quarters of Indian consumers prefer and seek out content in their first languages”

RTL Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the idea of helping the corporates and enabling them to enter the global market and explore new opportunities for their businesses. At RTL Language Solutions we provide world class translation services at affordable prices.

Our base of clients covers a vast range from domains like, IT, E-commerce, E-learning, Marketing, Legal, Medical, Financial, Media, Publishing, Gaming.


  • Delivering excellent translation services while meeting all requirements and deadlines.
  • Ensuring seamless style, context, and overall meaning in the target language for all translated materials while applying proper language parameters such as grammar, syntax, semantics, and appropriate terminology
  • Maintaining stringent confidentiality concerning both clients and translated materials
  • We possess native fluency in reading writing and speaking the Urdu & Hindi languages
  • We have good grasp of various regional dialects, customs and cultures
  • Our team comprises of domain specific Subject Matter Experts who have good language understanding and they are proficient in them
  • Quick turnaround time-We make it a point to minimize the cycle time as much as possible while maintaining the best quality the same time
  • Cost effective and efficient translation
  • We have a capacity of handling thousands of words per day

Services We Provide

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Industry Expertise

Television & Media

Tourism & Hospitality

Market Research

IT & Software

Fashion & Luxury

E-Learning & Publishing


Medical & Life Sciences



Banking & Finance


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