About Us

We are a localization service provider company headquartered in New Delhi, India. We provide solutions across many languages. The solutions we provide help our clients reach out to more customers, increasing their market share and, in turn, improving their scalability. The quality of our work is as per industry standards and our work practices are streamlined so that we can provide you with solutions that give value for your money.

We have 10 years of extensive team experience in the localization industry

We have been in the localization industry for the past 10 years. Our team is very much aware of the know-how and the updations which are taking place time to time in the industry. We are capable of handling critical and big volume projects as we have experienced and dedicated Project Management team which is working rigorously towards easing the processes and making it client friendly.

We specialize in Urdu & Hindi translation services

We serve in many languages, however we specialize in Urdu & Hindi translation services. We have experienced in-house teams for both the languages, who have translated millions of words till date. To know more about these services please click on Urdu Translation Services & Hindi Translation Services.

We have a strong network of native translators/speakers

We believe in using modern communications technology as optimally as possible so as to be able to coordinate and steer projects wherever we need to. This allows us to work with linguistic experts who provide you with the best solutions possible. We make it a practice to ensure that these experts are native speakers of the particular language that the project requires.

Competitive Rates

At RTL we have made a point to be very particular about the quality of translation and at the same time our rates are very competitive in comparison to the rates prevailing in the market.

Our belief is not just to translate the words but the essence of the whole content

Be it a small or a large volume project, we intend to do the whole research and indulge in it. We believe in getting into the essence of the content, rather than just translating and sending it back. Through research our main aim is to get used to and familiar with the content so that it makes us easy to go forward. We make the content customer centric.

Understanding of the local market and its communication

We know what the choices and preferences and the experiences of the customers in the local market are, and subject to them we tend to craft and create the output. We master the art of integrating the right language with the right message at the right time to ensure the highest levels of speed and productivity. Moreover, practicing the most appropriate and relevant language enables us to work easily with the latest translation technology while navigating through agile and complex workflows.

Why Us

  • Our team comprises of domain specific Subject Matter Experts who have good language understanding and they are proficient in them
  • Ensuring seamless style, context, and overall meaning in the target language for all translated materials while applying proper language parameters such as grammar, syntax, semantics, and appropriate terminology
  • We possess native fluency in reading writing and speaking the Urdu & Hindi languages
  • We have good grasp of various regional dialects, customs and cultures
  • Delivering excellent translation services while meeting all requirements and deadlines.
  • Maintaining stringent confidentiality concerning both clients and translated materials
  • We have a capacity of handling thousands of words per day
  • Quick turnaround time-We make it a point to minimize the cycle time as much as possible while maintaining the best quality the same time
  • Cost effective and efficient translation

Our Services

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